Encounter Russia

For your Russian Visa Needs

We promote experience abroad among native English speakers through teaching in English and private education. We strive to break down stereotypes and open people’s minds to other cultures. We invite native English speakers to come to Russia and share their gifts, talents and knowledge with Russian people who want to learn English in order to become more educated, improve their job opportunities and travel the world. This, in turn, enriches the lives of others with whom our students come in contact.  

Our philosophy is to use language as a medium of communication rather than the focal point of study. We assist you, as an English teacher, in engaging your student(s) in activities that require the USE of language. Many institutions are not as effective as they could be in language teaching because language is taught in theory and without an adequate amount of implementation. We emphasize learning languages at a very young age, if possible, within the first year of life. 

We look for individuals who have skills and talents they can teach and thereby the language that goes with it. Do you play an instrument? Let’s use your musical talent to play and sing songs in English and give music lessons in English. Are you good at math, physics or other sciences? Let’s use your knowledge to teach children who are preparing to enter educational institutions having English programs. Are you good at sports? Let’s use your abilities to engage students in sports activities in English. Are you into acting and theater? Come see how you can use your training in acting and theater and become a successful teacher.


How is Encounter Russia different from other English teaching programs abroad?

Encounter Russia and its global partners teach IN English. We do not teach language. We teach subjects IN English. This approach has worked for generations and people do not recognize it and often overlook its effectiveness. A language is much too integrated with other aspects of life to simply  be separated from other subjects or activities. Language is the MEDIUM through which OTHER THINGS are learned. Come teach art or dance or math or sports or music or history or whatever you want IN English. 

What is there for me to do in Russia?

A native speaker of English like you has an advantage over many people that he or she often does not realize. Because English is an international language which is used worldwide, it is in high demand. English is in demand because English opens doors to better education, work opportunities, travel and much more! You meet that demand by interacting with those who want to learn English.

Who are our students?

We put an emphasis on working with very young children starting at 2 years old. At this age, children learn language exceptionally fast through context-based interaction and lots of input from a native English speaker. Our candidates must be comfortable working with children of various ages whether it be individually or in groups. Our teachers have lessons with older kids, teenagers and adults as well.

How much do you really know about Russia?

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