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How is Encounter Russia different from other English teaching programs abroad?

Encounter Russia and its global partners teach IN English. We do not teach language. We teach subjects IN English. This approach has worked for generations and people do not recognize it and often overlook its effectiveness. A language is much too integrated with other aspects of life to simply  be separated from other subjects or activities. Language is the MEDIUM through which OTHER THINGS are learned. Come teach art or dance or math or sports or music or history or whatever you want IN English. 

What is there for me to do in Russia?

A native speaker of English like you has an advantage over many people that he or she often does not realize. Because English is an international language which is used worldwide, it is in high demand. English is in demand because English opens doors to better education, work opportunities, travel and much more! You meet that demand by interacting with those who want to learn English.

Who are our students?

We put an emphasis on working with very young children starting at 2 years old. At this age, children learn language exceptionally fast through context-based interaction and lots of input from a native English speaker. Our candidates must be comfortable working with children of various ages whether it be individually or in groups. Our teachers have lessons with older kids, teenagers and adults as well.

What kind of opportunities can I find in Russia?

When we talk about teaching English, the opportunities include English tutor, English governor, teacher of other areas in English, kindergarten teacher, school teacher, and more.  It’s not uncommon for parents to look for a math, physics or science tutor. Many children prepare to enter educational institutions abroad and need help in a variety of subjects in English. 

What does an English tutor do?

An English tutor assists students of varying ages with homework in English, studies and exam preparation a few times per week for anywhere from one hour to several hours depending on the needs of the student. Lessons can range from spontaneous and active which include songs, art, etc (with very young children) to structured sit-down lessons. It is a tutor’s responsibility to engage the student and strive to make the lesson as interactive as possible. Students learn best when the subject material is relevant to them. If you have a gift of making lessons relevant and fun, you would make a great tutor. 

What does an English governor do?

An English governor (male) or governess (female) is responsible for the overall education of the child(ren)  in a family. The governor’s main focus is to immerse the child(ren) into an English-speaking environment. A governor does not usually do housework or other household chores. He may meet the child(ren) after school, accompany the child(ren) to other activities like sports or music lessons and assist in homework. A governor may accompany the family while traveling to other countries on vacation. A governor is expected to look after the general well-being of the child(ren) which includes disciplining them at times. A governor is a mentor, a coach, a friend, a parent and language instructor all in one. Much responsibility is placed on a governor as the child(ren) take(s) after him or her. 

Don’t I have to be able to speak some Russian?

No. You do not have to know Russian before coming to Russia. We encourage teachers to learn Russian because it is the gateway to the culture. However, knowledge of Russian is not required when working with children because we do not use translation as a means of communicating. We use the same methods a child would through interactive play and activity-based learning accompanied by gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice. Nonverbal communication, when used correctly and in context, is much more effective than any other methods.

What do you look for in potential teachers or governors?

  • Personal interest in Russia and experiencing the amazing culture
  • Passion for learning, teaching and working with children
  • Open-minded to new ideas, culture, customs
  • Experience with children and teaching – Experience teaching/tutoring music, math, sports, other subjects & activities
  • University education- Experience abroad
  • Good communication and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of and experience with other languages

What is the minimum period of time you want a candidate to commit to?

3 months. 6 months is preferred. 

Will you consider candidates for a period of less than 3 months?

Yes. Contact us at [email protected].

What is provided for me as a teacher or governor in Russia?

  1. Fully furnished shared accommodation 
  2. Unlimited transportation pass (subway, bus, tram, trolley bus) 
  3. Airfare (conditions apply)
  4. Visa fees (conditions apply)
  5. Legal support including visa support and foreigner registration
  6. Full teacher training and support
  7. Transportation to and from the airport

What opportunities are there for married couples

We strongly encourage married couples to apply! There are not many experiences you can share with your spouse and both get paid for doing something new, fun and exciting. Experiencing something new with people you are close to makes the experiences much more meaningful and memorable.

I’ve read through your website and I’m extremely interested in teaching in Russia. What do I do now?

Click the APPLY NOW button! 
You can also send us and email to [email protected] with your CV and additional questions. Please ask for our CV guidelines. Please add a photo of yourself in one of the top corners. We will then contact you for an interview over Skype. 

I’m interested in teaching in Russia. What can I do to become more qualified and increase my chances of getting hired?

Get involved with children! Volunteer at sports camps or teach kids your favorite hobbies in a more formal setting. Search for opportunities to teach people whose native language is not English. 

How can I get training to teach IN English?’
Encounter Russia and its partners provide full support and training for teaching IN English. By working together with us, you will obtain all the skills and confidence to interact with students of all ages. 

Which cities in Russia currently offer these kinds of opportunities?
We offer these opportunities mainly in Moscow, where we are headquartered. However, members of our team have traveled to places throughout Russia such as near the Ural mountains and outside Russia such as Turkey, Greece, Italy, Germany, Israel, USA, Azerbaijan and the UK. We are working hard to expand to other major Russian cities like St. Petersburg in the near future.

Is it safe to be in Moscow as an American?
Moscow is just as safe a city for an American as any metropolis in the USA.

How much do you really know about Russia?

All about Russian visas and immigration. If you’re planning a long-term trip or considering immigration to Russia,

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