Encounter Russia

Why Us?

Top reasons you should consider working with us in Russia!

Teach what YOU love!

We invite those who have passion for teaching their favorite subjects and activities to come join us in Russia and abroad. With your help, we can offer an array of classes to various ages of students. People want to learn English. People also want to learn music and dance and sports. We combine the two into one and reach exceptional results! 

Make a difference!

One of the key motivations for Encounter Russia and its partners to encourage native English speakers to experience Russia is to build bridges of future prosperity. By providing opportunities for cross cultural exchange, candidates become ambassadors of peace, cooperation and mutual understanding. 

How will you do this?

You will have opportunities to work with people of all classes. Children from all backgrounds will have the chance to have a glance at the world through your eyes and you through theirs. Interaction with foreigners opens up a whole world of opportunities where those opportunities otherwise might not exist. 

"Mysteries are always fascinating and Russia comes with many."

Our unique team!

You will be part of a young and enthusiastic team of individuals who are eager to change the world  and offer exceptional services to customers. We are constantly on the lookout for teachers of all areas to come and teach what they love. You will be part of a diverse group who all come with various skills and experience. 

A unique place!

Come discover for yourself a unique European civilization and its nature, architecture, literature, the Russian soul and character and more!

Expand your mind!

Russia has much to offer the open-minded. Whether you are interested in travel, the language, the culture, or broadening your life experience through meeting others, Russia will teach you extraordinary things. 

Opportunities for Growth!

We believe in creating an environment where people can grow. We value people and award those who invest not only their time but also energy, creativity and ideas. Encounter Russia reaches its potential by helping you reach yours. 

Why is Russia fascinating? This question can really only be answered by experiencing Russia for yourself. The short answer is that Russia is fascinating because there is so much to understand. Mysteries are always fascinating and Russia comes with many. Being a tourist in Russia is not enough to even scratch the surface of the depth of what is Russia. Russia will teach you that there is more than one way to approach a particular problem. 

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How is Encounter Russia different from other English teaching programs abroad?

Encounter Russia and its global partners teach IN English. We do not teach language. We teach subjects IN English. This approach has worked for generations and…

What is there for me to do in Russia?

A native speaker of English like you has an advantage over many people that he or she often does not realize. Because English is an international language which is used worldwide, it is in high demand. English is in demand because English opens doors to…